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Brikel EAD

"Brikel" EAD is judiciary registered on June 30th, 2000, and in 2004, after an implemented privatization, “Brikel” becomes 100% property of “Kalista 2004” EOOD, Sofia city.

The Company has been created by integration from "Briquette production plant" EAD into TPP "Maritsa - East 1" EAD.

The complex has his technically, technologically and economically motivated future. The first Thermal Power Plant "Maritsa - East" has been put out of the National Electric Company structures during the first stage of the structural changes in the energetic system. A group of experts, lead by prof. Garabed Mumdgian, analyzed the situation of both productions - briquette and electricity production and gave a positive evaluation of the perspectives after the integration.

From the starting moment of the TPP (September 1960) to June 2006, 84 646 938 thousands of kWh electricity and 52 390 636 Gcal heat have been produced. The briquette production amounts to 44 040 100 tons of briquettes.

The economical vitality of the new company depends most of all on the correct energetic and economical management.

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